Celebrate May Day in Cuba | April 28-May 5, 2018

Cuba | Celebrate May Day in Cuba: Labor, Culture, and Community Organizing from the Ground Up!

Journey Dates: April 28 - May 5, 2018
Trip Availability: OPEN

Tour Sponsor:Estelle Schneider

We are confident you will come away with a deep understanding of the complexities and wonders within Cuba as we experience together the beauty of the island’s people and cultural heritage sites. With the current Trump Administration policies that are reversing normalization and strengthening the blockade, it is surely an urgent time to travel, engage with Cubans, and express our solidarity. You will have the opportunity to participate with thousands of Cubans as they celebrate May Day, and to meet and share experiences with Cuban trade unionists. We will learn about the history of the Cuban Revolution, the legacy of Cmd. Fidel Castro, and understand the organization of Cuban society through its mass organizations. Additionally we will learn about the fruits of the Cuban Revolution: Health Care, Education, Sports and the Arts.

Your Trip leader: Estelle Schneider has been traveling to Cuba for over 40 years. Her first trip and unforgettable experience was on the Venceremos Brigade in 1970 for the 10 million ton sugar harvest. She was then invited by the Cuban leadership to become an organizer for future brigades. Years later she had the opportunity to live in Cuba for a year from 2000-2001 as Academic Coordinator for the semester abroad study program of the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies. Additional experience includes group leader with Global Exchange and Insight Cuba. She is passionate about sharing Cuba with you!

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