Cuba Nature & Culture Expedition | August 5-12, 2018

Cuba | Cuba Nature & Culture Expedition

Journey Dates: August 5-12, 2018
Trip Availability: OPEN

Tour Sponsor: SEE Turtles

Cuba Nature & Culture ExpeditionJoin us for an exploration of Cuba! Travel to Guanahacabibes National Park, the island’s westernmost point to look for green sea turtles and swim crystal blue waters. You’ll explore Havana, visit a beautiful rural community, and learn about the country’s unique music, history, and more. This trip will be led by our president, Brad Nahill.

Profits from this trip will help to save at least 500 hatchlings at a turtle nesting beach per participant.

Cuba is a unique destination, which has both positives and negatives. This trip includes much time spent time outside, which means some activities are dependent on weather.

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