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AltruVistas Customized Tours & Custom Travel

AltruVistas Custom Journeys – Hawaii


AltruVistas Custom Journeys

AltruVistas opens the door to customized travel experiences that reach far beyond hotels and beaches, to people and places not found in most travel books. All of our customized tours are intelligent, educational, interactive, inspiring and tailored specifically for you and your members.

AltruVistas creates customized tours with your vision in mind. We create wellness and corporate retreats, alternative yoga immersions, family adventures as well as educational and fundraising journeys.  AltruVistas’ staff have decades of grappling with provocative themes, such as peace and conflict resolution, the struggle for gender and LGBYT equity, and the struggle for human rights.

We Organize Custom Group Tours That Focus On:

  • Arts, Music, Dance and Culture
  • Health and Wellness
  • Yoga and Mediation Retreats
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Leadership Capacity Building
  • Politics and Human Rights
  • Gender and LGBT Community Exchanges
  • Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Sustainable Development and Agriculture
  • Architecture and Urban Development
  • Sports and Active Lifestyles
  • Public Education and Pedagogy
  • Family Tours and VIP Tours
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What Do Our Custom Journeys Offer?

Our customized AltruVistas’ tours offer an alternative and increasingly popular form of educational travel, exclusively tailored to the particular interests of your group. Whether yours is a foundation, a family, a university or middle school class, a membership organization, church group, a group of professionals or a group of like-minded people, AltruVistas can organize your custom tours. AltruVistas’ custom travel experiences are structured so that your group can collectively gain a first-hand experience of people and organizations involved in issues important to your group. We facilitate meaningful exchanges with people who form the political, economic, social and cultural fabric of the society and region visited. Through these informal and formal interactions, our participants come away with an informed and enriched understanding of the hopes, accomplishments, and hopes of people from diverse backgrounds.

Our diverse itineraries always incorporate meetings, on-site visits, and interactions with community organizations, government officials, journalists, scientists, university professors, doctors, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, environmentalists and representatives from various religious groups. And, yes, each Journey builds in time for reflection, relaxation, and fun.

Why Choose AltruVistas For Your Custom Group Tour?

AltruVistas’ Custom Journeys are privately branded trips. We utilize the pillars of experiential education, philanthropy, and social responsibility to craft your custom journey. By supporting socially responsible travel we ensure that we work in partnership with all stakeholders in the destinations where we operate so that our hosts truly benefit from our tourism dollars.

By acting together we create a better tourism experience that safeguards the destination, its culture, economy, and environment. AltruVistas has a minimum benchmark of 50% of every tour dollar stays in the local economy. Remember this is the base minimum of our standard, additionally, there are donations and funds raised for our partners in the US and around the world.

We Offer Privately Branded and Customized Group Tours For:

  • Families
  • Businesses
  • VIP’s
  • Schools
  • Travel Companies
  • NGO’s
  • Foundations
  • Non-Profits
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Or, for solo travelers & small groups, join one of our Upcoming Journeys.

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Cuba Group Tours

Custom Cuba Tours

Since 1993, our team has overseen over 20,000 American travelers to Cuba and is currently organizing over 50 Cuba trips for Americans per year. We offer an inclusive package and share our extensive network of on-the-ground contacts, knowledgeable trip facilitators, and proficient translators. Together we are excited to share with you a place close to our hearts.

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AltruVistas’ Past Journeys & Customized Tours From Previous Travel Groups

A Culture Of Arts In Cuba | December 11-20, 2017

Portland Community College proudly announces a unique opportunity to our friends and members for join us for A Culture of Arts in Cuba – an international people to people exchange this December 11-20, 2017. This PCC journey will explore Cuba’s dynamic music and arts scenes through information, intimate exchanges with artists, and performance. I am confident you will come away with a deep understanding of the complexities and wonders within Cuba as we experience together the beauty of the island's people and cultural heritage sites. With the US and Cuba normalizing relations it is an exciting time to travel and engage.

The Art & Soul of Cuba – A Unique Photo-Cultural Tour

Professional travel photographer and instructor David Julian invites you to join him on a custom-designed culture and photography tour in Cuba. Photographers and non-photographers alike will love this opportunity to visit this cobblestoned isle where rum is plentiful, smiles are infectious and friendships await you.

A Culture of Arts and Jazz in Cuba | December 2017

Are you interested in having a "transformative experience" on this trip to Cuba? Have you ever imagined that you could hold a place in history by having a role in improving relations between the peoples of Cuba and the United States? Join us in December as we go off the beaten path of Havana and explore the historic treasure, Guanabacoa, Cuba!

Cuba Farm Tour | August 19-26, 2017

< Back To Browse Upcoming Journeys Tour Sponsor: Cypress Gardens Cypress Farms journeys to meet with farmers, professors, government representatives, and educators to hear about sustainable agriculture in Cuba from Cubans. This tour provides [...]

Yoga of 12 Step Recovery in Cuba | May 6-12, 2017

< Back To Browse Upcoming Journeys Tour Sponsor: Satya RetreatsJoin us for 5 incredible Days in Cuba!This trip is that dream come true! Please join us for an amazing adventure that includes a Havana [...]

Sustainability and Culture in Cuba | May 2017

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Cuba emPOWER Trip | June 1 – June 6, 2017

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