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Social Responsibilities


Sustainable Tourism helps sustain livelihoods, support local communities and conserve the world’s natural and cultural heritage. At Altruvistas we know that responsible tourism is a powerful tool in poverty reduction. Our staff are experienced travel professionals with a shared commitment to sustainability and a passion to ensure the benefits of responsible tourism globally.  In order to maximize the benefits and full potential of tourism we must acknowledge that conventional tourism has negative impact. A few issues of concern to us are: capital flight in our globalized economy; the commodification of cultures and people (including sex tourism and human trafficking);  and the environmental impacts of flying that contributes to greenhouse gases. In fact, climate change poses a severe threat to those things that responsible travelers hold sacred – local communities, biodiversity and environments around the world.

Altruvistas encourages best practices for ourselves, for our travelers and for those we partner with.  Below you will find some of our Codes of Conduct and resources on how to be a socially responsible and ecologically sensitive traveler. Please see our Sustainablity & Eco-Consciousness for more information on  the impacts of travel on our ecosystems, managing your carbon footprint and other guidelines to be a eco-sensitive traveler. Read more of our General Travel Tips.



Our Codes of Conduct and other Resources to be a Conscious Traveler:

The World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations: