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AltruVistas’ Fellowship Program

In concert with AltruFunds, we promote transformation in the sustainable travel industry through the AltruFellows program.

AltruFellows is our professional fellowship program, matching community grantees with emerging tourism professionals to help implement community development programs, support the community’s capacity building efforts and to bridge cultural norms. The AltruFellows program will also support grants for research of endangered cultural forms of expression from oral traditions to dance, arts to crafts.

Grantees will also be partnered with an AltruVistas Fellow, someone who will live and work with the community for 3-12 months and who will co-create a basic management infrastructure necessary for a local, small business to thrive in the cybernetic world of tourism booking agencies and web-based review sites.

AltruVistas is improving the prospects for success for these community enterprises by providing in-person expertise to bolster the financial support we’ve awarded.