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AltruVistas’ Meso-Financing Program

In order to “seed the field” of transformative travel we have identified strategic grantmaking as a way to make a difference on the ground in destination communities that are uniquely positioned to enhance the ethical travel experience and to support their own communities and community initiatives.

The AltruVistas Funds program – AltruFunds – is designed to provide startup and development funds to ensure these community initiatives are set for success, and is part of the dual offering of the AltruVistas Funds & Fellows program. The AltruFellows program is underwritten and supported by AltruVistas as a guiding and supporting layer that rides on the AltruFunds program.

AltruFunds – Our strategic AltruFunds mission is to provide communities the financial power they need to improve their lives and harvest maximum benefit from the tourism sector with strategic investment and application of AltruFunds support.

AltruVistas will offer grants and loans for $5,000 – 25,000 to vetted local communities, organizations and cooperatives so they can create their own travel-related service or product (from vocational training centers, restaurants, ecotourism services to agro-tourism hostels and eco-lodges.) The objective is to enhance local ownership and capacity building of diverse global and domestic communities to benefit from growing tourism receipts while at the same time enhancing the ethical tourism experience and offering.