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Meet The Team!

Malia Everette
Malia EveretteCEO and Founder of AltruVistas
From 1997-2012, Malía Everette was the Director of Global Exchange’s popular and rapidly expanding Reality Tours program. Read More.
Yury Guerra
Yury GuerraEcuador Program Director
Yury Guerra is an Ecuadorian organizer who lived for twelve years in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Major in Social Anthropology. Read More.
Cicely Sanchez
Cicely Sanchez Cuba Program Director
Supporting the dynamic exchanges of Altruvistas journeys in Cuba Read More.
Lala Nuss
Lala NussHawaii Program Director
Self-identified as “a glocal”, born & raised on the coastal plains of Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu and the slopes of Mauna Kea in Hilo on Hawai’i Island. Read More.
Carolina Valente
Carolina ValenteBrazil Program Director
Carolina is a social educator in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. She completed a course in journalism in 2005 while studying tourism too. Read More.
Natalia Poida
Natalia PoidaEducational Journeys Coordinator
Natalia Poida is an international school educator from San José, Costa Rica, with 15 years of teaching experience at the French American International School in Portland, Oregon. Read More.
Nora Boxer
Nora BoxerSocial Media Coordinator
Nora is a writer, creative writing teacher, and editor. Her writing and travel lives have continued to intertwine, via a pilgrimage to Rumi’s tomb and an art residency in Istanbul, and through receiving a literary grant that took her for six months to East Africa. Read More.
Victoria Odson
Victoria OdsonGraphic Designer
Visually communicate messages with a commitment to quality and time efficiency. Read More.
Abel Embaie
Abel EmbaieAccounting Guru
Abel graduated from Washington State University in 2007 with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Read More.
Branden Barber
Branden BarberFund Director
Branden has been in service to our planet’s ecosystems and environmental justice for over 25 years. Read More.
Brooke De Los Santos
Brooke De Los SantosAltruIntern
Brooke De Los Santos is a senior at San Francisco State University where she is majoring in Recreation Parks and Tourism Administration, with an emphasis in Tourism. Read More.
Daisge Smith
Daisge SmithHawaii Travel Program Intern
Daisge Smith is a Hawaii native who grew up on the west coast shores of Ewa Beach on the Island of Oahu. Read More.


Altruvistas honors and thank team members that previous contributed to our team.

Rosalyn Salters Acosta
Rosalyn Salters AcostaOperations Director of AltruVistas
Rosalyn maintains professional backgrounds in both ecotourism and the arts (dance) – the integral components of EcoArts Tours. Read More.
Sam Chen
Sam ChenMarketing Project Manager
Sam LOVES to explore new places and cultures and her passion for travel has taken her to all seven continents. Read More.
Heather Duplaisir
Heather DuplaisirLogistics Specialist
Heather has a Master’s of Science in Recreation from SFSU where her focus was on sustainable tourism. Read More.
Tex Dworkin
Tex DworkinMarketing Consultant
Tex believes that business and travel can be a force for positive change in the world. Read More.
JoAnn De Jesus
JoAnn De JesusPublic Relations Director
JoAnn comes to Altruvistas sharing our passion for adventure and a love for travel. Read More.
Cassidy Kropfl-Gonzales
Cassidy Kropfl-GonzalesOperations Director
Cassidy Kropfl-Gonzales is a senior at San Francisco State University studying tourism. Read More.
Claudia Bovero
Claudia BoveroIntern
Graduate of San Francisco State University Claudia Boverois.
Angela Weygandt
Angela WeygandtResearch Associate
Tarin Chiarakul
Tarin ChiarakulSustainable Business Research Coordinator
Rebecca Greenwald
Rebecca GreenwaldCommunications Coordinator
Jill Huinder
Jill HuinderProgram Director Assistant
Maricon Malimban
Maricon MalimbanIntern and Researcher