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Journeys Overview

Altruvistas staff have expertise in over 80 unique and vibrant domestic and international destinations!

We work and partner in each destination to achieve our goals together. By supporting socially responsible travel we ensure that we work in partnership with all stakeholders in the destinations where we operate so that our hosts truly benefit from our tourism dollars.

By acting together we create a better tourism experience that safeguards the destination, its culture, economy and environment, and we increase benefits for the local community. Again, Altruvistas has a minimum benchmark of 50% of every tour dollar stays in the local economy. Remember this is the base minimum of our standard, additionally there are donations and funds raised for our partners in the US and around the world. Please take a look at the wide variety of areas we can easily create a journey for you. You can assist us as we further our collaborative relationships. If you don’t see your destination feel free to just send us an inquiry so we might consider diversifying our offerings with and for you.

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We offer programs that explore areas that you care about:

  • Arts, Music, Dance and Culture 
  • Health and Wellness
  • Yoga and Mediation Retreats
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Leadership Capacity Building 
  • Politics and Human Rights
  • Gender and LGBT Community Exchanges 
  • Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Sustainable Development and Agriculture
  • Architecture and Urban Development
  • Sports and  Active Lifestyles 
  • Family Tours
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