Sustainability and Agriculture in Cuba | March 10-20, 2018

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Cuba | Sustainability and Agriculture in Cuba

Journey Dates: March 10-20, 2018
Trip Availability: OPEN
Tour Sponsor: Ethical Traveler

Journey with Organic Growers School, a provider of practical and affordable organic education in the Southern Appalachians, to study exchange with farming communities in Cuba as celebrate our move towards self-reliance. Travel to Havana, Cuba and nearby provinces to learn about sustainable agriculture, community development, preventive health care and food systems while experiencing the vibrant culture of Cuba through music and the arts. Through site visits to farms, bioreserves and organizations in Havana and regional provinces, along with discussions with guest speakers and community representatives, participants will gain an understanding of the agricultural and social transitions Cuba has experienced, and learn new models addressing issues of sustainability, community development, food security and wellness.

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